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Atlanta FaZe Sweeps Dallas Empire, Advances To Grand Final

This match was highly expected by many fans and today the competition got real, except every fan expected a closer series than we ended up getting. The Atlanta FaZe swept Dallas Empire without any trouble and wrote its name on the Grand Final.

FaZe over Dallas 1
Photo courtesy of Atlanta FaZe

Game 1 – Hardpoint

The Atlanta FaZe looked eager in the early phase, but the Dallas Empire had an answer for almost every move FaZe made early. After some time, FaZe reinforced its lead and got closer to the 250-point line. Atlanta FaZe pursued its dominance and won the first game. Simp’s 32 kills were so important as well as his score of 4,060. On the Dallas side, it is possible to say that C6 underperformed according to his past achievements and current potential.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

In the beginning, the Dallas Empire matched FaZe’s level and tied the game to 2-2, but some kind of a holy hand helped FaZe after that point. That holy hand was obviously Abezy; he played his heart out and made the difference in Atlanta FaZe’s 4-0 streak. The Dallas Empire fell short on matching Abezy’s incredible aim and lost the game. Abezy secured 14 kills in eight rounds which led his team to a 2-0 lead in the series.

Game 3 – Control

The Dallas Empire looked hopeless and mentally damaged coming into the third game. FaZe had a quick 3-0 in Control and completed the sweep. Abezy stepped up once again with 26 kills and 3,000 points in terms of score. However, Simp had the most score in the game with 3,400 as he focused on objectives instead of kills.

It was totally a one-sided game. Atlanta FaZe advanced to the Grand Final with this result and Dallas Empire will face New York Subliners for a second chance. Let’s see who will play against Atlanta FaZe in the final.

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