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Atlanta FaZe Defeats Los Angeles Guerillas In Perfect Fashion

Atlanta FaZe’s success in the first stage was not a mystery before the season, but I am sure most of the fans didn’t expect this much dominance. FaZe went 5-0 in the regular season and joined the major, with Dallas, in Winners Round 2. Today, Atlanta FaZe proved its worth once again by sweeping the Los Angeles Guerillas in an easy three-game series.

FaZe over LAG R2 1
Photo courtesy of Atlanta FaZe

Game 1 – Hardpoint

The first game started pretty tense. Both teams got close to the finish line, but just like it says in the rulebook, there is only one winner and in this scenario it happened to be Atlanta FaZe. The Los Angeles Guerillas had a great performance but could only reach 220 points while FaZe made it to the 250 spot. Cellium had the best opening performance with 35 kills. 

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

Both teams grabbed three wins in the first six rounds, but after that point, Atlanta FaZe got all the control. Arcitys did 224.33 damage per round, carrying his team in the last rounds, securing 11 kills in total. Apathy’s nine-kill performance wasn’t enough for the Guerillas to close out the game.

Game 3 – Control

Atlanta FaZe started the third map by winning two consecutive rounds but fell short in the third round. The Los Angeles Guerillas sparked a light for a second there but failed to finish the job. Atlanta FaZe won the last round without any troubles and completed the sweep. Arcitys made it look easy by securing 26 kills.

Atlanta FaZe didn’t drop a single series during the regular season and it has started the Major without dropping a map.

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