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Atlanta FaZe Completes CDL’s New York Home Series Undefeated

Atlanta FaZe has been the best team in the Call of Duty League in 2021 and it hasn’t really been close. FaZe has collected 485 points, which is 155 more than its nearest competitor, the Dallas Empire. After completing Stage 5’s first leg, the New York Home Series, with two wins, Atlanta FaZe now has its eyes on the Minnesota Home Series starting on July 15.

Atlanta FaZe
Courtesy of Atlanta FaZe

Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris, McArthur “Cellium” Jovel, Chris “Simp” Lehr and Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson may be forming as the best team we have seen in a while. If we go back in time and look at their Stage 1 performance, it is clear that this team has been on top in all of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Earlier Stages

The Atlanta FaZe has won three majors out of four, only dropping one against Toronto Ultra in the Stage 2 Finals. The most important keys in its dominant performance are definitely communication and individual form. These players get along well on the battlefield and continue to prove themselves over and over during the first four stages. FaZe’s dominance has not only been during the majors but also in the regular season. 


Atlanta FaZe has dominated its opponents almost in every game mode and map, but Control has been the most outstanding one so far. If we look at individual performances, Simp and Cellium are leading the league in kill/death statistics with 1.25 and 1.18, respectively. On top of K/D, Simp is the kills per 10 minutes leader in Control with 21.4 and aBeZy is following him with 20.6 kills. The supremacy in individual performance comes with team communication for sure. These players have been on the same page since the beginning of the season, which can be seen in statistics. 

Atlanta FaZe
Courtesy of Atlanta FaZe

Search and Destroy

FaZe has different players stepping up for every game mode. Simp and aBeZy are the true leaders in individual performance. Simp is the best Control player in the league right now and aBeZy has shown great performances in SnD. He is on top of the kills per round statistics, sharing the spot with Octane at 0.84, third in K/D with a 1.18, and the leader in first blood rate at 21%.

Stage 5 – New York Home Series

To be honest, the Atlanta FaZe faced two “easy” opponents in the opening week of Stage 5. The Paris Legion and London Royal Ravens have been two of the weakest teams this season so far and they won’t make it to the Championship Stage. FaZe 3-0’d both without facing any difficulties to continue its streak.

The Atlanta FaZe is sitting at the first spot with 485 points, 32 wins, and four losses. The nearest competitor, the Dallas Empire, has 330 points, 22 wins, and 15 losses. The gap between these two is huge and mathematically impossible to close. FaZe has won 89% of its games and 72% of its maps with 111 map wins and 43 losses. The most important part is that the team has already guaranteed itself around two starts in the upcoming Championship Stage, but the players have still kept up their performances. Focus is one of the keys to success in professional sports and that consistency shows professionalism and it may reward Atlanta FaZe with a trophy in the upcoming weeks.

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