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Takeaways From The Atlanta FaZe Black Ops Cold War Clash

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War officially released on Friday, November 13, and the Call of Duty League team Atlanta FaZe celebrated the game’s launch with a special one-day event. Featuring some of the community’s top names such as Temperrr, Vikkstar, Scump, Simp, Karma and more, the Atlanta FaZe Cold War Clash was the first of seven huge tournaments this week to give fans a treat by pitting some of the game’s best against each other.

Atlanta FaZe
Image courtesy of Atlanta FaZe

In the end, Team Tommey officially took home the 20K grand prize.

Although the Call of Duty League is switching to a 4v4 format for 2021, the Black Ops Cold War Clash featured eight teams of five players, with one captain representing each squad. The captains and their teams were:

  1. Team Vikkstar: Vikkstar, ItsSpart, DavPadie, Prolute
  2. Team Tommey: Tommey, Almond, Newbz, Karma
  3. Team Hitch: OpTic Hitch, OpTic Blake, OpTic Jorge, TeePee
  4. Team Bloo: FaZe Bloo, xUnRational, Xotic, SaugaRoyalty,
  5. Team Temperrr: FaZe Temperrr, SlaterKodish, Drizzyrd, Sturzahh
  6. Team Pamaj: FaZe Pamaj, Rated, TheMLGImpulse, Exodass
  7. Team Jukeyz: Jukeyz, Skrapz, Wuskin, Deleo
  8. Team Rated: Rated, Frozone, SuperEvan, Ahtract

Each captain also drafted one CDL pro from either OpTic Chicago or the Atlanta FaZe. The available pros were: 

  1. FaZe Simp
  2. FaZe Cellium
  3. FaZe aBeZy
  4. FaZe Arcitys
  5. OpTic Scump
  6. OpTic Dashy
  7. OpTic Envoy
  8. OpTic FormaL

To kick off the event, the team captains competed in a Free For All to determine the order in which they got to draft from the pool of available pros.

atlanta faze cold war teams1
Photo courtesy of Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe’s event took place less than 24 hours after the release of Cold War, and fans were eager to see what weapons the pros would rock in a competitive environment. 

Although almost everyone wants more guns in the competitive Call of Duty meta, it just doesn’t always happen. While the Cold War Clash was just a sneak-peak of what’s to come for competitive Call of Duty, it is looking as though a few guns are emerging to be dominant. 

Fans saw players mostly utilize the FFAR 1 and the Krig 6 in their matches, with the AK-47 and MP5 also seeing some use. 

Snipers also played a big role in the event, proving to be very powerful in Search and Destroy situations. Players like Dashy popped off with the LW3, causing some teams to devise strategies to counter the powerful sniper. For example, smoking off angles proved very difficult for the snipers to find their shots, and by keeping the action close, it limited their potential. 

Moving onto maps, Moscow was the players’ clear favorite. This map gave fans some entertaining matches in both Search and Destroy and Hardpoint. 

Two Talented Teams

The Cold War Clash featured players from two of the Call of Duty League’s most talented squads: Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Chicago. The two teams finished second and third in the Call of Duty League Championship 2020 respectively, and they’re going into 2021 as favorites to win the league’s next title. 

These two team rosters are loaded with talent, featuring both grizzled veterans like OpTic’s Scump and new generational talent like FaZe’s Simp. With the eight pros competing alongside some of the biggest streamers and content creators on the planet, the players definitely put on a show for Call of Duty fans. 

Team Tommey Causing Trouble

From the start of the event, Team Tommey looked like the clear favorite to take home first place. Winning the Free For All at the event’s beginning proved to be decisive for Tommey, as Simp later styled on everyone he faced. 

The 19-year-old did exactly what you think a CDL superstar would do against a bunch of streamers and content creators: he dominated them.

Representing the home team, Simp was the clear shining star of the event. The opportunity to see him play alongside Tommey and Karma, two of the best to ever play Call of Duty, was especially cool.

Simp wasn’t the only one dominating the matches. When he wasn’t carrying, Karma, under the username “BobLeeShwagger,” was slaying everyone in sight, and when it wasn’t Karma, it was Tommey, then Newbz.

The team was simply too dominant to fail, and they proved that by beating Team Vikkstar in the finals, two rounds to none. The final bracket rounded out as follows:

5GlcgP7J2A u63jj7SynjkIhTr
Image courtesy of Atlanta FaZe.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is less than a few days old, and fans already got to see some exciting, competitive action. More tournaments continue on Sunday, with the OpTic Chicago Cold War Launch Event, kicking off at 2 p.m. ET. 

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