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Atlanta FaZe Beats Defending Champion Dallas Empire In CDL Major I Grand Final

The Atlanta FaZe looked scary during the regular season and persuaded everyone that this wasn’t going to change in the Stage I Major. Firstly, FaZe swept the Los Angeles Guerillas and then beat the Dallas Empire two times in a row to win the $200K prize. The team has also added 75 CDL points to its overall score. The final’s loser Dallas Empire got away with $120K and 60 CDL points.

Atlanta FaZe over Dallas Empire Major I 1
Photo courtesy of the Call of Duty League

Game 1 – Hardpoint

This was a much closer game compared to their latest matchup. The lead changed hands every minute and both teams played their hearts out in Hardpoint. Abezy made the difference by going on a streak, and Atlanta FaZe secured its biggest lead in the game. After Abezy’s kills, the Dallas Empire couldn’t answer back strongly enough. Atlanta FaZe won the first map 250-230. This was a great and entertaining must-watch game if you missed it. Atlanta FaZe got the lead in the series by getting its first win.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

The Atlanta FaZe started the second game by winning three consecutive rounds. Dallas immediately answered back with back-to-back wins, but FaZe quickly got behind the steering wheel once again with Simp’s monstrous positions and prefires. Simp showed his game knowledge by carrying his team in important moments. The Atlanta FaZe got the momentum behind it and pursued its lead by winning the second game while dropping only three rounds. Cellium activated his beast mode later in the game which eventually led to Atlanta FaZe’s victory.

Game 3 – Control

Atlanta won the first round on Control, but the Dallas Empire wasn’t planning on giving up that easy. Dallas immediately tied the game at 1-1, but after the second round, Atlanta found its rhythm and got back-to-back wins to close out the third game. The Atlanta FaZe dominated the last two rounds with a great team play. It would be cruel to say one name who stepped up, because all of the FaZe members played great in this one. Dallas looked a lot worse in this one compared to the opening game of the series. 

Game 4 – Hardpoint

The Dallas Empire turned things around with a keen performance on game four Hardpoint. C6 and his friends secured the lead early and kept it until the end. Dallas kept its hopes alive after dominating the second Hardpoint 250-104. Huke played phenomenal with 29 kills and 3,325 points, and for a moment, the Empire looked like it had life.

Game 5 – Search and Destroy

The Atlanta FaZe players pulled themselves together in the fifth game. The Dallas Empire had no chance against this dominant four-man roster and only stole one round. Atlanta FaZe closed out the fifth game by a score of 6-1 and advanced to championship point in the series. Simp showed his potential with nine kills as he proves once again that he will be a big problem for the rest of the league.

Game 6 – Control

The sixth game of the series was led by the Dallas Empire from the very beginning. With Illey’s huge performance, Dallas got ahead by 2-0. FaZe couldn’t shoot back against the tactical brilliance of the Empire and Illey in particular. Dallas Empire won the game 3-0.

Game 7 – Search and Destroy

The Dallas Empire started the seventh game with a huge 2v4 clutch but failed to keep the lead. FaZe grabbed back-to-back rounds and reached the match point pretty quickly. FaZe won the last rounds without any troubles and lifted the trophy after a 6-2 SnD win.

This time, it was at least a little closer than the previous game these two teams competed in. The Atlanta FaZe didn’t upset its fans and satisfied their expectations by winning the first major in 2021. They were really dominant. Congratulations to Atlanta FaZe and also thank you to Dallas Empire for an entertaining performance.

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