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Astralis Kept Out of Playoffs in First Season in LEC

Things didn’t go as expected in the LEC 2021 spring season for Astralis in the first year of the rebrand. With the end of Week 7, it became clear that the Danish organization will not make the playoffs in its first season in League of Legends.

Astralis LEC Playoffs 1
Photo courtesy of Astralis

Astralis is the newest member of LEC as the organization decided on competing with the same name in all esports leagues last summer. Formerly, the organization was competing in the LEC as Origen, which was formed by legendary European mid laner Xpeke.

Astralis is one of the best teams in Counter-Strike history, and after the rebranding announcement, everyone thought that the company was preparing to enter LEC with big names in its roster. However, it decided to build a team around Nukeduck by keeping him and adding some promising players from EU Masters to the roster.

Competing in the LEC with rookies has always been tough, and Astralis witnessed it first hand. After the first seven matches, the team had only one win in the league and was sitting at the bottom of the table. 

Right after Week 3 of the league, more bad news appeared. Astralis’ star mid laner Nukeduck announced his break from professional play due to personal reasons. Following the unfortunate event, the organization chose MagiFelix as the savior, but nothing changed.

Week 7 of the LEC is over this weekend. Astralis is still at the bottom of the standings with three wins and 12 losses. Even though it managed to steal two wins after the third week, MagiFelix wasn’t enough to get the team into the playoffs. While there is one more week until the end of the regular season, it’s clear that Astralis couldn’t make it to the LEC 2021 spring playoffs in its first season.

The playoff battle of LEC will continue with Week 8 on March 12.

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