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Astralis Grabs First Victory Over Vitality In 43-Minute Game

LEC Spring 2021’s third day of the first week began with a match between Astralis and Vitality. The new face of the league, Astralis entered the Rift looking for its first victory, and in the end, was able to destroy Vitality’s Nexus. 

Astralis Beats Vitality 1
Photo courtesy of Astralis

Both teams selected similar team compositions which are strong in teamfights and consist of late-game carries. Ornn, Hecarim, Twisted Fate, Jhin and Alistar were picked by Astralis, while Vitality went for Gragas, Graves, LeBlanc, Aphelios and Thresh.

The game started with a pretty basic setup as junglers cleared their camps as usual. Trying to control the lanes, players wanted to get push advantages to look for some plays around rivers, and thanks to that action, Vitality was able to take the game’s first dragon.

The first action came from Astralis. The team prepared a three-man gank in the top lane to kill enemy Gragas, and Nukeduck secured the first blood for his team. After the first blood, the game cooled down a little until the messy fight in the bot lane where a total of seven kills were obtained.

Admittedly, the quality of competition wasn’t high in this one. Even though both sides were willing to fight around epic monsters cleverly, their teamfight performances were upsetting. They made lots of mistakes, performed bad in engagements and nearly all players got caught in wrong positions throughout the game.

Despite executing plans poorly, Astralis didn’t give up trying those kind of plays, and the newest organization of LEC managed to reach its first victory in the league. In the 43rd minute, Astralis won a huge teamfight around Baron Nashor, took three kills and headed to Vitality’s Nexus instantly.

With the result, both teams completed their first week in LEC Spring 2021 with one victory and two losses. They are currently standing in eighth place in the league.

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