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Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit #1 Has Been Postponed

Experiencing bugs or glitches in any game is annoying for all gamers, but if you’re a competitive player, it might even prevent your success if one of them occurs during the game. Solving those issues is in the responsibility of the developer, however, Electronic Arts has struggled to correct mistakes, and Apex Legends players have been suffering from this for a long time. As a result, Respawn Entertainment has announced that Winter Circuit Online Tournament #1 has been postponed.

Apex Legends Winter Circuit 1
Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

ALGS Winter Circuit #1 was set to be played on Jan. 16 all over the world, but the announcement came right before the tournament’s start. “We’ve made the decision to postpone Winter Circuit OT #1,” Apex Legends said on Twitter. “We’ll provide another update next week as we handle rescheduling.” Now, Winter Circuit OT #2 could be the first tournament of the Winter Circuit on Jan. 29-31. 

Since its launch, Apex Legends has always had some server and client problems. It’s still unknown why EA hasn’t been able to fix these completely. The players have been experiencing new or supposedly-solved bugs nearly every time a new patch is deployed, and this time the “Fight Night” event caused some problems.

Apex Legends Fight Night
Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ latest event, Fight Night Collection, started on Jan. 5 and brought new features into the game including a new game mode, cosmetics and in-game mechanics. However, there are always two sides to every story; after the patch was released, users encountered unexpected errors and crashes alongside server issues. Even if you’re a casual player, having those kinds of errors might be frustrating. Although the game is still playable, arranging a high-stakes tournament in this situation isn’t the perfect scenario, so Respawn decided to postpone the first event of the Winter Circuit.

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