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Anime-Inspired Zenith Coming to PlayStation VR

All Images Courtesy of PlayStation

On March 3, Sony officially announced the upcoming multiplayer game Zenith for PlayStation VR. Described as the amalgamation of JRPGs, MMOs and virtual reality, Zenith is set to take players on a vast, colorful, open world adventure. 

The story of Zenith takes place long after a catastrophic event known as the Fracture, which was caused by a darkness called the “Corruption.” Imbued with Essence, an innate magical power that lies within all living creatures, players will set off on an adventure to eliminate the threat of the Corruption, battling man and divine beings in order to protect the world from another calamity. Throughout their journey, they will become stronger and meet a plethora of friends and foes alike. 

Zenith’s gameplay features free movement, including climbing and even sky travel through the use of the game’s Gliding system. The game’s combat system also makes full use of VR capabilities, requiring players to utilize simple, tactical mechanics. Players will be able to execute throwing, blocking, dodging, and even parrying actions. Timed activity and movement are essentials to Zenith’s battle system. Both weapons and magic will be available for use in combat, with the ability to obtain more powerful equipment and abilities throughout the game’s progression.

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In addition to its combat features, Zenith will also feature traditional MMO elements such as party play, dungeons, world bosses, and public events. The game will also employ a guild system in light of multiplayer components and party-based activities. Another common element of MMOs that Zenith grants players is full customizability in the form of its class system. The game purportedly assures that role does not tie into class, enabling unique playstyle combinations. 

Further details regarding Zenith and its potential release date have yet to be confirmed. 

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