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Angel Secured His 100th Win In LPL

Courtesy of LPL

After an incredibly successful season, Suning had troubles in the LPL this year. Despite problems in both team and individual performances, the team made it to the playoffs. This allowed Suning to have a second chance for MSI. More important than the team’s failure, something bigger happened in the roster; Suning’s loyal mid-laner, Angel, reached 100 wins in the LPL. This may boost Angel’s confidence and morale prior to the playoffs.

Angel Secured
Courtesy of Suning

Angel joined Suning in 2018. Before then, he played for TyLoo in the LDL, LPL’s lower division league. He shined like a pearl during his time in TyLoo, which eventually led him to secure a contract in the LPL. At first, Suning couldn’t succeed and was seen as a bottom-tier team. Taiwanese superstar Maple joined the organization, but again, Suning failed to accomplish anything. After Maple’s arrival, Angel played in the top lane for a short amount of time.

In the 2020 Spring Split, Suning failed to make it to the playoffs just like previous splits. However, something ‘holy’ touched the organization’s hand to give it a boost in the Summer Split. Suning made it to the playoffs, and more surprisingly, lifted the LPL trophy. This continued with the World Finals, but the team fell short against DAMWON Gaming. During all these times, Angel was one of the most important players on the roster.

Suning’s matchup against Bilibili Gaming was not only important for the side of Bilibili but also for Angel. He secured his 100th win in the LPL with a sweep. Angel saw both the bottom and the top under the Suning roof. 

The team is now aiming for the LPL trophy once again. This achievement will probably give Angel confidence and morale before the playoffs. LPL teams better watch out for this man!

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