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Anders Vejrgang’s FUT Champions Win Streak Has Ended After 536 Matches

They say everything has an end, and Anders’ journey of being undefeated in FIFA 21’s FUT Champions has apparently followed suit. The 14-year old player of team Red Bull Leipzig got his first loss this weekend after a historic 536 consecutive wins. Forefront names of the FIFA community showed some respect and supported him on Twitter following the heartbreaking moment.

Photo courtesy of Red Bull Leipzig

FUT Champions is among FIFA Ultimate Team’s game modes. It contains tougher competition than any other modes since its rewards are more valuable. Players have to gain certain points during the week to join it on weekends. Participants can play thirty matches maximum within FUT Champions and they have three days to complete. Since only players with sufficient points can take place, matches are very tough in FUT Champions.

Anders Vejrgang’s story began with the start of FIFA 21 back in October. The young talent had already proven his skills in previous titles and joined Red Bull Leipzig in September, but I don’t think anyone expected this kind of record. The 14-year-old built up his reputation by remaining undefeated week after week in FUT Champions and became one of the most popular figures in the community. Unfortunately, his record ended this weekend after winning 536 games in a row.

Coming to the end of such a record is touching. The Twitch clip above shows that Anders barely continued to play at the end of the match which he lost, breathing deeply, looking down and reading Twitch chat while trying to hide his sadness.

However, the arrival of support messages didn’t take long. Most of the prominent content creators and professional players gave him so much respect. “536 wins in a row. Five, three, six. Taste that. The jaws dropped at 200 wins. He almost tripled that. No pro has ever been close in the 5 year history of FUT Champions. And he started the streak at the age of 14. You are destined for greatness. Keep on going Anders,” Sweden’s team captain BorasLegend said.

Currently, Anders isn’t able to attend any official EA Sports event since FIFA’s rules only allow competition starting from age 16. However, he has been attending non-EA occasions frequently. You can follow his Twitch channel from here.

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