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ana Returns to OG’s Dota 2 Squad

It was only a matter of time before OG went back to its old ways and got “ana” off his vacation chair to join the team again. Anathan “ana” Pham is back with the OG roster.

Courtesy of OG

“When things go wrong and you don’t know where you’re at,” OG’s tweet read. “The one source of sunlight you can rely on is that from your family. The ones that love and accept you for exactly who you are – just a friend wanting to play Dota again.”

OG will be competing for Season 2 of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 with ana in tow after the team failed to qualify for the Singapore Major.

ana has been in the habit of taking a year-long break from Dota after winning The international. The player has won two TI’s with OG, in 2018 and 2019. His competitive break in 2019 was extended as COVID-19 hit the world, but his return was speculated already since the Dota community is used to having ana back on OG right before TI.

This will be the first time that OG will be competing for The International without the full squad that helped it win TI twice in a row. JerAx retired from Dota after TI9, stating that he didn’t enjoy the game anymore. Even though JerAx has returned to Dota 2, he stated that he won’t be playing the game competitively.

This is also the soonest ana has joined OG before TI. He will be replacing MidOne, who left the team in March following the team’s poor performance in the Season 1 of the DPC, where it finished fifth with merely 50 DPC points and $25,000.

OG is still in the European Upper Division of the DPC for Season 2 but will have to play miraculously well to qualify for The International. If ana’s history and performance with OG is anything to go by, and it’s a lot to go by, its qualification to the second major should be an easy sweep.

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