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Subreddit Moderator SirPacker Talks Behind-the-Scenes Fortnite Know-How

The subreddit for competitive Fortnite describes itself as “The developer supported, community-run subreddit dedicated to the Fortnite: Battle Royale game made by Epic Games. Tailored for those who want to keep up to date on the pro scene, tournaments, competitive plays, and figure out new tips/tricks on how to play the current meta.” r/FortniteCompetitive is one of the few Fortnite subreddits with a huge subscriber base, and I mean huge. It stands out alongside r/FORTnITE and r/FortNiteBR.

Inside, you’ll mainly find posts about what the top pros are doing and when to look out for the next big game. It’s not as simple as it sounds, though. A sub this big, with over 300k subscribers, requires some serious moderation, a business notorious for its online ambiguity. Mods stay in the shadows making sure everything that sees the light is perfect, unknown to the common eye. Well, I was able to lock down an interview one of the founding mods on the forum— SirPacker— and talk with him about all the things we see happening on the forum as well as those that happen in the mist.

Subreddit Moderator SirPacker Talks Behind-the-Scenes Fortnite Know-How 2

How did you get involved with/find out about Reddit?

“I originally got involved with Reddit for programming because I had no clue StackOverflow existed at the time. So I kinda stumbled on it by accident and then expanded with it because of the EDM scene and games that I played. I got onto the Fortnite subreddits through a connection of a connection. At the time, they only had one active developer and he thought I could help out in that department.”

What do you like about Reddit that you can’t find on other sites/forums?

“I like that it’s Chaotic Neutral. Everyone groups together in certain subreddits and they’re all organized by hobbies but when you actually look around you can see how diverse everyone’s opinions are. It’s orderly but chaotic unlike anything else.”

Have you ever had to fight with someone over a post?

“I can’t find it, but I think I may have had one public comment debate. Most of the arguments really take place in ModMail. Some subreddits have really strict policies on mods not fighting in the public comments while others are wide open, so your mileage may vary.”

How long have you been a mod for r/FortniteCompetitive?

I’ve been modding for the sub for over two years as a lead developer and admin. Prior to Comp, I was a r/FortniteBR developer for around a year.

Are there any other mods with former dev experience, or have played Fortnite at a higher competitive level?

“The owner of the competitive subreddit (Tiny Timothy22) actually played in some of their tournaments, Summer Skirmish Week 1 & 5 and the Fall Skirmish, and made $20,000 in prize earnings. A former FNComp mod and dev, Snaacky, was the primary dev of r/FortniteBR and came to r/FortniteCompetitive to help get us off the ground.”

The sub seems to be getting a lot of very detailed information related to competitions. Do you guys have inside sources or just scour the internet for updates?

It’s a mixture. We have a good relationship with the Community and Competitive teams at Epic. It’s not a paid thing for any of us. Like many other gaming subreddits, it’s developer-supported, not developer-ran. Most of our information comes in the forms of updates about events as they go live.In the case that we don’t have enough information, the mods go out of their way to get what we need.”

From a mod’s perspective, what’s the one thing that your subs seem to respond to the most outside of weekly questions threads?

We used to have a lot of people who were just constantly complaining about the state of the game or competitive scene, but we’ve really stepped up our moderating. If you’re going to complain, provide a solution. Now it’s just anything to do with pros and their teams. Everyone in the subreddit has an interest in, and their own opinion about, what the pros are saying and doing.”

Have you ever modded for any other huge subreddits, or done any dev work for similar games?

“I was on the r/smashbros subreddit. They used one of the better systems to internally administer subreddit policy. Whenever a mod had an idea they would throw it into the ‘courtroom’ where people would air out their opinions and vote. If there wasn’t a majority on any particular option, it dragged out until everyone was able to give their opinions on the subject. We didn’t want any of the mods to be unhappy because that just degrades the experience for the users of the subreddit.”

It was a short and sweet interview, but the conversation with SirPacker really opened my eyes on how not only subreddits, but Reddit itself, functions as a whole. There were some things that even an avid redditor probably wouldn’t guess unless they had some hands behind the scene. For any and all Fortnite competitive questions, this is the right place to go. Just use the search bar before you post your question.

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