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An Electric Sound: Neffex’s Cameron Wales Talks Music and Gaming

With 3.5 million monthly listeners, 225k followers on their band page, and over 1 billion views on their youtube channel, Neffex more-than holds their own in the ever-changing music industry. Known for their electronic, rap-fused sound, Neffex is comprised of artist Bryan Savage, who handles the vocals, and Cameron Wales, who delivers an iconic sound.

An Electric Sound: Neffex’s Cameron Wales Talks Music and Gaming 5

While the music of Neffex perfectly blends the two genres, I recently had the privilege to talk to Cameron about his side of the superstar story. An instrumentalist at heart, Cameron talked about everything from starting out in a punk band to who he mains in R6S.

You started making music with Bryce Savage in high school while being in a punk band. What helped you both settle on your current sound after coming from punk?

“Our music is pretty much based off what we both like. It’s very much high-energy stuff influenced from punk.”

What was the transition like when going from two kids in a high school band who love music to a duo that has over 1 billion views on Youtube and over 3.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify?

“It feels unreal. We are honestly still pretty humble as we were back in the day and we are still facing some of the same problems we did back then but really grateful for where we are now.”

Cameron Wales1
Courtesy of Cameron’s instagram, @cameronwales

You had a “Release 100 songs in 100 weeks” challenge. After you pulled it off, what did you take from it? Was it hard not to keep up that pacing, or were you ready for a break?

“I think we were on each end. It was exciting to see how we were growing with it and we wanted to keep going with it. We didn’t originally plan to release 100 right off the bat, just one a week before we eventually decided to start challenging ourselves.”

How was the transition from just working with Bryce and Ryan (Managers) to working with ATG Group?

“We brought them on to talk about label associations. So change was really just taking ourselves up to that level.”

Any advice for up-and-coming musicians trying to pursue a career in music?

“Just believing in yourself. Pumping out content that feels right and posting it to the people. You really just have to put yourself out there and see what happens.”

Are there any other genres aside from punk that you’re a huge fan of?

 “Definitely, rap and EDM. I listen to a lot of deep house and house-style stuff, especially when I’m gaming, but I mostly listen to punk.

Cameron Wales
Courtesy of Cameron’s instagram, @cameronwales

You’re starting to consider gaming as another avenue. Was it something that has always been in your head? Or was it an “I need a small break” deal? Were you interested in being on a team when you were younger?

“I’ve played a ton of WOW growing up so I was always passionate about gaming before getting into shooters like COD. I like Diablo 3. I was a huge Blizzard nut there for a second. I just wanted to really dabble in it. I love games but I never want to be too sweaty or competitive with it.”

What challenges or similarities from the music industry are prevalent in the gaming industry? Are your fans just as on-board with your gaming as they are your music?

“I think a lot of people like that dynamic in my opinion,.. I think one of the bigger things was keeping our music on the copyright-free side so people could use it as content and stream with it. Streaming is so much fun because you can interact with fans on chat.”

Do you find it easier to connect with fans now that you are getting into gaming?

“Yes! It’s cool because there is this little community that I love logging on to see. There’s about 20 to 30 people on there that I know by name and I even know some things about their life. It’s definitely pretty cool.”

image 3
Courtesy of Cameron’s instagram, @cameronwales

I’m seeing that you’re getting into R6S. What pulled you into it?

 “One of my boys was playing it and he just kinda pulled me into it. I fell in love with it because you can just tackle things in different ways but one tapping is probably one of the best things ever, so I do it for the one-taps.”

Who’s your favorite main for attacking and defending?

“Attacking: I’m very much a sledge, Zofia or Ash. Defense: I love Doc, mainly because I love spawn-peeking.”

Are you thinking of branching off into any other huge games?

“I pretty much cycle through R6, COD, and LOL. I’ll pick up another fun game like Doom every so often but nothing much has caught my attention. I might play Shadowlands when that comes out.”

We at Syft are thrilled to see where the entertainment industry takes Cameron and his bandmate Bryan. To see their latest music video for their song “Worst of You,” be sure to click here.

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