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Alliance Reveals xms to Replace krea6oN

This is the end of Alliance’s teases, leaks and fakes. The European giant finally announced the fifth player of its Valorant roster. Alexandre “xms” Forté, who is well known by the CS:GO community, joined Alliance’s Valorant squad.

Alliance xms 1
Courtesy of Alliance

After kennyS’ departure from G2 Esports earlier this week, Alliance started a tricky campaign on Twitter which hinted at the legendary AWPer’s move to Valorant and joining Alliance. The topic kept the community busy for a few days, but then kennyS mentioned he intends to continue in CS:GO.

However, fingers started to point out NBK, who is another CS:GO pro that was benched by OG. Alliance shared a silhouette of him on Twitter saying “This Frenchman is known for his time in CS:GO, can he channel his past and become the Envy of the Valorant scene?”

Finally, rumors and speculations have ended with the official announcement. “We are happy to announce that xms is joining our Valorant division,” Alliance said. “Alexandrinho is joining us as we head into Masters and beyond, you can catch his debut for the team on Friday.” 

This will be the French player’s debut in Valorant. Starting his professional career in 2014, xms competed in CS:GO until today. The 23-year-old player took a place in several big teams such as Team Envy, Heretics, Team LDLC and Millenium during his period in CS:GO.

Despite establishing late in Valorant compared to other similar organizations, Alliance managed to find success in a quite short time as the team qualified for VCT 2021 Stage 1: Masters 1, which will start on March 12. At the end of February, the team unveiled the departure of krea6oN from the roster, and now, xms will fill his spot and debut in Masters 1.

Alliance Valorant roster is now:

  • Enzo “Fearoth” Mestari
  • Niels “luckeRRR” Jasiek
  • Tautvydas “hype” Paldavicius
  • Thomas “kAdavra” Johner
  • Alexandre “xms” Forté
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