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All The New Fall Guys Levels in Season 2, Ranked

The new season of Fall Guys has finally arrived and with the update came 4 new maps. They are all fresh and exciting in different ways but they for sure follow a hierarchy. In my humble opinion, this is the order.

Fall Guys Wall
Courtesy of Mediatonic

At number 4, we have Wall Guys. I really don’t like this map. There, I said it. I enjoyed how the game tried to give us a new type of map where we actually have to interact with things on the map in order to complete the race, but at the same time, the mechanics are sticky and the game has a very large learning curve. I still am not any good at this map and I have played it numerous times. But hey, that could just be me being a noob. If you all enjoy this map, good for you! Maybe give me some tips.

Fall Guys Egg Siege
Courtesy of Mediatonic

At number 3 we have Egg Siege. This is not a bad map by any means, but it is a little repetitive and is just an updated version of the season 1 version of the same game with added medieval aspects. The game is an improvement from its season one counterpart, but at the same time, I wish the game would have made all new levels instead of just updating an old one.

Fall Guys
Courtesy of Mediatonic

At number 2 is Hoopsie Legends. This is a fun-ass game. Although similar to a season 1 game mode, the changes made to the game make it fresh. I also cannot get enough of racing to be the first one to get the golden hoop and be well on my way to qualifying.

Fall Guys Knight Fever
Courtesy of Mediatonic

Coming in at number 1 without a doubt has to be Knight Fever. I may have a slight bias as I enjoy race maps more than any other type of map, but beyond this fact, Knight Fever is just all-around fun. Giving us new types of obstacles that we had never seen before and a ton of medieval items, Knight Fever is a blast. This is also in my opinion the hardest of the new levels added.

So, there you have it. Do you all agree with me? If not, what is your favorite map? Let me know in the comments.

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