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All the Coffee, Without the Talk: A Coffee Talk Guide

Everyone loves your local barista, and I always find it interesting to see what drinks people like. However, I never know what to order at the coffee counter, and I couldn’t for the life of me tell the difference between exotic blends of beans. But in Coffee Talk, the process is simplified and saved to your in-game phone, so you can look up on a whim what a STMJ or Gala Had drink is when a customer asks for one. The catch is, you can only look it up if you’ve accidentally made it at least once before. So, here’s a guide to discovering and making all the different drinks in the game.

Coffee Talk
This picture, and all photos in this article, courtesy of Toge Productions

Several drinks can be discovered while playing the Story Mode of the game, with characters either explaining the drink they want to you, or telling you what the components of that drink are, with some custom dialogue when you serve them the intended drink. Once you’ve “discovered” a drink, the recipe and an info blurb go into the Brewpad app in your in-game phone, making it easy to reference drinks later. The app also organizes your recipes by starting on a ‘base’ ingredient, so we’ll go down the list from the left side to check them all off. 

Baileys Coffee Talk
All the Coffee, Without the Talk: A Coffee Talk Guide 8

Coffee Base Drinks (11)

Freya’s Espresso is the first drink you’ll be asked to brew in story mode, and it’s a pretty standard drink throughout the game. Other story-based coffee drinks that you may come across are Jorji’s Honey Coffee, Myrtle’s Cafe Latte, and Bailey’s Ginger Latte. Below is the full list of Coffee drinks, some of which trigger unique dialogue when given to characters in story mode. 

Black Lemon – Coffee, Coffee, Lemon

Black Magic – Coffee, Mint, Honey

Cafe Latte – Coffee, Milk, Milk

Cappuccino – Coffee, Coffee, Milk

Espresso – Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Ginger Latte – Coffee, Ginger, Milk

Ginger Honey Coffee – Coffee, Ginger, Honey

Gingerbread Coffee – Coffee, Ginger, Cinnamon

Honey Coffee – Coffee, Coffee, Honey

Jahe Tubruk – Coffee, Coffee, Ginger

Sugar and Spice – Coffee, Honey, Cinnamon

Gingerbread Coffee
All the Coffee, Without the Talk: A Coffee Talk Guide 9

Tea Base Drinks (8)

Tea is split into two separate categories: Tea and Green Tea. Gala and Aqua are the predominant tea drinkers in game, although other characters do occasionally order it, and tea is a major story component in Gala’s story arc, as he believes it could help with his werewolf form. Over the story mode, Gala will tell you what he thinks will make up his ‘remedy’ drink, guiding you to the correct mixture. Order is important with all these drinks, and if the named drink doesn’t appear when you finish it, you most likely swapped the order of some ingredients. Named drinks also have a custom appearance, as another way to check that you have the order correct. 

Gala Had – Tea, Milk, Ginger

Ginger Mint Tea – Tea, Ginger, Mint

Masala Chai – Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon

Midsummer Night’s Dream – Tea, Lemon, Honey

Russian Tea – Tea, Lemon, Cinnamon

Shai Adeni – Tea, Milk, Cinnamon

Tea Latte – Tea, Milk, Milk

Teh Tarik – Tea, Tea, Milk

Coffee Talk Guide
All the Coffee, Without the Talk: A Coffee Talk Guide 10

Green Tea Base (5)

Tied for the smallest category overall, the main in-game tie-in is the Cough Syrup that you can serve to Jorji when he complains of a sore throat a couple days into the game. A few characters order Green Tea Lattes, and Aqua orders a Marrakech, but as the smallest category, it’s not super surprising that it’s not too common in-game. 

Cough Syrup – Green Tea, Lemon, Honey

Green Tea Latte – Green Tea, Milk, Milk

Marrakech – Green Tea, Mint, Mint

Shin Genmaicha – Green Tea, Green Tea, Cinnamon

The Grinch – Green Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon

Green Tea
All the Coffee, Without the Talk: A Coffee Talk Guide 11

Chocolate Base Drinks (5)

While chocolate is the other lowest named-drink category, it is ordered more in the main game storyline, with most characters ordering at least one chocolate-based drink. Notable standouts are Bailey’s Bitter Heart and Rachel’s Chocobee Miruku for their matching themes.

Bitter Heart – Chocolate, Ginger, Cinnamon

Chocobee Miruku – Chocolate, Honey, Milk

Dark Chocolate – Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Spanish Sahara – Chocolate, Milk, Ginger

Spiced Lady – Chocolate, Milk, Cinnamon

Bitter Heart
All the Coffee, Without the Talk: A Coffee Talk Guide 12

Milk Base Drinks (6) 

Last but not least, the milk drinks. Logically enough, they are mostly ordered by Rachel and Hendry, the two Nekomimi (cat people) in the game, although serving Neil the Milky Way paves the way to unlocking their full social media profile, which is necessary for several achievements. 

Bedchamber – Milk, Cinnamon, Honey

Honey Milk – Milk, Honey, Milk

Le Menthol – Milk, Mint, Lemon

Lemony Snippet – Milk, Honey, Lemon

Milky Way – Milk, Honey, Mint

STMJ – Milk, Ginger, Honey

Milky Way
All the Coffee, Without the Talk: A Coffee Talk Guide 13

And that’s all the named drinks within the game Coffee Talk. Characters will order things that don’t have a named drink, such as Milk, but they tend to give you instructions for what they want if they don’t want a named drink. While many of the drinks can be unlocked through story mode, feel free to dip into the Endless mode options, as Free Brew allows you to experiment with combinations with no consequences, adding them to your Brew Pad. So order up and heat up the coffee machine, and get brewing! 

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