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All power-ups in Rocket League Rumble mode, ranked

I only recently started playing the Rumble mode in Rocket League and it has totally reinvigorated my love for the game. The power-ups are just too much fun. The mode is similar to regular Rocket League, except every 10 seconds, each player is given a random powerup which they can use in battle. Some power-ups are super useful all the time but some others are a bit more of a stretch. Let me rank them all for you.

Rocket League 1
Courtesy of Psyonix

The least useful power-up is the Disrupter. This power allows you to stick an opponent in boost for a few seconds in order to mess up their tactics. This is an OK power-up, but really does not do much except make your opponent go faster, which can sometimes disrupt their gameplay but other times help them.

Rocket League 2
Courtesy of Rocket League Wiki

The next power-up is Tornado. When you use this power, you create a tornado centered around your car. This is a super fun but not-too-powerful power-up, as it is really hard to control. That being said, I will never get over seeing all the cars fly around in the air in my tornado.

Rocket League 3
Courtesy of Rocket League Wiki

The next power-up is called Power Hitter. This is a simple power which allows you to hit the ball harder than you would normally. It also allows you to hit enemies harder and destroy them quicker. It’s alright, but in order for it to work, you have to hit the ball. As previously mentioned, I have some trouble hitting the ball.

Rocket League 4
Courtesy of Rocket League Wiki

The Boot is the next power-up on my list. This power allows you to kick a boot at an enemy player and send them flying. This is a solid power-up which can save you in situations where an enemy is about to score a goal.

Rocket League 5
Courtesy of Rocket League Wiki

Up next is the Plunger power. This allows you to shoot a plunger which will stick to the ball and send you flying to it. This one’s great for goals and saves, and the best part is, all you need to use it well is a little bit of timing.

Rocket League 6
Courtesy of Rocket League Wiki

Swapper is a very interesting power. It allows you to pick an enemy to switch spots with on the map. There are a couple times where this power is useful, such as when an enemy is about to score. You can use this power to switch spots with them and stop the goal.

Rocket League 7
Courtesy of Rocket League Wiki

A similar but slightly-better power-up than the Plunger is the Grappling Hook. It allows you to stick the ball with the hook and be pulled toward it. I find this power a little more reliable than the Plunger. This power also gives you the ability to add some force to your shot to make it more powerful.

Rocket League 8
Courtesy of Rocket League Wiki

Freezer is up next. This power allows you to freeze the ball wherever it is. The ball can even be frozen in air. The ball will be frozen for a couple seconds or until someone smashes into it and breaks the ice. This powerup can save you in some tricky situations. It is very useful.

Rocket League 9
Courtesy of Rocket League Wiki

The next power-up I want to talk about is Magnetizer. This power magnetizes the ball and attracts it towards you. You have to be pretty close to the ball for it to work, but it can give you easy goals.

Rocket League 10 1
Courtesy of Rocket League Wiki

By far the most powerful power-up is Spike. When this power is used, spikes appear all around your car and will let the ball stick to you when you run into it. When used right, this power can give you a free goal as the only way you can be stopped is if an enemy hits you really hard or switches spots with you using Swapper.

Rocket League 11
Courtesy of Rocket League Wiki

So there’s my ranking of all the powers in this game mode. I highly recommend playing Rumble, as I like it even more than normal Rocket League. If you haven’t yet played Rumble, you are missing out.

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