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All Orders for Custom Black PS5s Canceled After Retailer Company Received Death Threats

It is estimated that about 3.37 million PS5 units have been sold around the globe. The PS5 is the most sought-after of the next-gen consoles and a heavy population of gamers are eager to get their hands on one as the demand’s risen higher than Sony’s supply. Tensions are high for people that have yet to get their paws on the Sony Air Purifier since they know that the shortage could last for several months.

PS5 Black 1
Courtesy of SUP3R5

The retail company SUP3R5 had no idea what type of fire they would be playing with when they posted photos of custom black PS5s on Reddit. The customized next-gen consoles were modeled after the look of the Playstation 2, complete with the vintage quad-colored logo. The marketing photos received an incredibly positive reception which caused SUP3R5 to start building hundreds of models.

The consoles had a starting price of $649, which when compared to the retail price of the PS5 standard edition, is $150 more expensive. The higher price is mostly due to the fact that the customization process involves a disassembly of parts followed by the attachment of new external plates. Both the digital and hard disk versions were made available in retro black. Given the public demand for PS5s and everyone’s general love for nostalgia, it is no surprise that SUP3R5’s black PS5s sold out in less than 20 minutes after being put up for sale online on January 8th, 2021.

The small-time retail seller was not prepared for the amount of orders they received. It evidently caused their website to crash and customers were incorrectly charged. The failed launch created an uproar and motivated certain people to send the company death threats. After receiving a large magnitude of complaints and “credible threats to their safety,” SUP3R5 decided to cancel all of the orders for the custom black PS5 and offered full refunds to every customer.

Although the launch ended in such a dramatic way, SUP3R5 sounds enthusiastic about trying to sell units as soon as it is considered safe to do so. This whole fiasco is not only a lesson to SUP3R5 but also one for the people who put their faith in third-party sellers. Sony has gone on record denouncing any customized models of their product because the efficacy of third-party sellers is unpredictable. 

It is highly advised not to buy from random retailers and eBay scalpers. No matter how cool they look or what price they’re at, at the end of the day, you just want a machine that works efficiently for the right amount of money.

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