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Alienware Will Be The Main Partner of LEC In 2021

Big gaming company Alienware was already inside the ecosystem with the products and sponsorship agreements that have been made. In 2020, Alienware took a huge step and became the main partner of the famous League of Legends organization LEC. As announced, these two will remain partners for the upcoming year and provide content and hardware to each other.

Alienware LEC 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

LEC announced the fellowship will remain in the upcoming season and both companies will provide fans with great content. You can find the whole statement here. According to the deal, Alienware will present the Match of The Week segment and create content that has already been welcomed by the fans with a positive attitude.

Alienware is known as the gaming side of Dell. The company has been around for a long time and got famous by making mind-blowing PC builds. Esports is getting bigger everyday and becoming a huge part of the gaming industry so the company seized it and made agreements with different companies and teams. Their last and probably biggest agreement was becoming the main partner of the LEC 2019 season. Alienware will maintain its fellowship with LEC for the third year.

LEC has become a famous and important region in the League of Legends scene. This is mainly because of G2’s success for the past couple of years. Before G2, Fnatic was the headliner and represented the region in the best way possible. LEC’s social media accounts are also considered one of the best in the field. The social media team put a lot of effort and reached incredible interactions, especially on Twitter.

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