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Adidas Partners With G2 Esports

G2 Esports has been the most famous and successful organization in Europe for the past couple of years. Ocelote’s incredible management and team’s performance made them a contender in almost every esports branch. As such, some of the world’s most famous brands have been following this success pretty close, and recently, G2 esports has signed another brand deal; the latest member of the G2 Esports sponsor family has been announced as Adidas.

Adidas Partners With G2 Esports 2

According to G2’s statement, Adidas will be the official sports apparel provider of the team. This includes uniforms, as well as other sports apparel. G2 Esports’ has a large fan base, which means every time they produce a new product, fans dry the stocks in a short amount of time, making this a good move for both parties.

“We are very proud of the new partnership with G2 esports, one of the leading entertainment organizations in the gaming industry,” said Adidas’ Vice President of Central Europe Bjjörn Jager. He then continued his speech by how important the esports community is for the company, and how they will continue to remain in the ecosystem.

G2’s owner Ocelote also commented on the partnership. “Today is a landmark day in G2 history. To announce a partnership with a global sports brand like adidas is a truly special moment for all of us,” he said. He also mentioned, by joining this agreement, they have joined famous sports clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

G2 Esports has kept growing over the years, and League of Legends is their main target. While the team recently acquired Rekkles from Fnatic for the upcoming season, Perkz went to C9, which was sad news for the fans. On top of League of Legends, G2 competes in many other esports branches, which the agreement also covers.

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