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ActingLikeTommy, the World’s Oldest Fortnite Pro, is now Sponsored by G FUEL

Another W was secured recently by the world’s oldest Fortnite pro actingliketommy. On May 5, the popular streamer announced his partnership with G FUEL, the official energy drink of esports, via Twitter.

Tommy joins a superstar roster of high profile gamers and personalities powered by the brand, including xQc, retired rap superstar Logic, Pewdiepie, and KSI, to name a few.

ALT is a living testament to the old adage that “age ain’t nothing but a number.” His fiery exuberance and passion have resonated with younger gamers, who’ve springboarded him to a prominent position in the bustling Fortnite community. In the month of April, Tommy was the18th most watched English speaking Fortnite streamer on Twitch, commanding over 390,000 hours from fans.

Courtesy of actingliketommy

The Wisconsin-born, LA-raised sensation has defined his brand with uncanny, edgy, infectious energy which has made him a must-see attraction. With a fanbase of well over 400k on Twitch, 500k on TikTok, and thousands more on other social platforms, ALT has firmly established himself as a lasting force in the gaming world.

Last year’s FaZe 5 was a competition ripe with millennial and gen Z talent, and Tommy made history with his placement into the Top 100. His success proves true his mantra to “be yourself and believe in yourself,” as he’s constantly achieving new heights.  Additionally, he recently became the first 50+-year-old gamer to make the Top 500 in FNCS.

So, what I’m saying is: nice pickup by G FUEL, and LET’S GO BOSS!! Another well-deserved accolade in the books. #Limitless.

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