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A Syft Exclusive FNCS Interview with Fortnite Legend Zyfa

You know here at Syft, we are always hooking you guys up with that insider info. Well today we have a special treat for all you. Fresh off a monster performance in day two of the FNCS, we got to talk to Brian Wielgolaski, AKA Zyfa. His gaming journey began playing CS:GO and was only introduced to Fortnite around season two. The rest, as some of you know, is history. He has cemented himself in the world of Fortnite as more than a player to look out for: he’s a legend.

A Syft Exclusive FNCS Interview with Fortnite Legend Zyfa 3

Zyfa and his team ended up with an insane total of 151 points in day two, putting them in 5th place, but more importantly, securing them a spot in the Grand Finals. Making the finals is a huge deal and when asked about things that they can work on in order to do even better in the finals, Zyfa talked about going back to the basics. “For the grand finals we can work on avoiding small mistakes which can range from communication, making a solo play here and there and etc. Even the pros sometimes need to take a deep breath and remember at the end of the day this is a game and it is crucial not to get in your own head.”

Even though Zyfa’s team’s performance allowed them to move on to the finals where they will compete for the title, he still had some issues that he wants him and his team to work on. “We could have rotated quicker off spawn a few games which cost us good positioning to get more consistent storm surge which can have various consequences.” For those of us that do not speak Fortnite, basically, he wants his team to be able to use the storm to their advantage more to give them the ability to surprise and attack other players.

Zyfa and his team kicked ass in day two, but the finals, rife with the top teams in the series, will be a whole different story. Thankfully, he and his team have a plan. “Our strategy going into this is to review previous weeks and learn everything there is to learn about our new drop spot for Finals, then we just play our game after that.” At the end of the day, there is only so much you can do to prepare for a Fortnite game, but it seems the most important thing is to have trust in your skills and trust in your teammates.

Zyfa has a ton of faith in his team to perform in the finals. He believes that if everything goes right that they “can get anywhere from a top 6-10.” Even finishing in the top 10 of this tournament would be a massive accomplishment, but Zyfa does dream of winning the entire thing. “If we were to get 1st it would be really good as you can make a decent amount of money from it, not only that, but you can produce content around it and gain more attention to your name resulting in an increase in followers.” At the end of the day, Zyfa has a dream to continue to grow his brand.

Zyfa Placement
Courtesy of Twitter, @ZyfaFN

Zyfa and his team will go on to compete in the finals. Make sure, if you haven’t already been watching, to tune in. Some of the gameplay that comes from these players is bonkers and can only be truly experienced live in a tournament like this. Hop on and watch the finals and make sure to root on our boy Zyfa as he and his team compete.

If you want to know even more about the legend Zyfa, check out an AMA he did on reddit. For other FNCS coverage, stay posted: Syft’s on it.

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