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6 Reasons Why Kalei is an Excellent Addition to FaZe

On June 3, FaZe Clan—the most prolific organization in gaming—ushered in a new dynamic personality to the fold. She’s a game changer, mold breaker, and sleep-deprived, caffeine-addicted streamer…

6 Reasons Why Kalei is an Excellent Addition to FaZe 3

FaZe Clan is routinely at the forefront of industry leading trends. Whether it’s groundbreaking signings, dream collabs, thrilling recruitment challenges, or the cover of Sports Illustrated, the org continues to push the boundaries of gaming and entertainment.

FaZe has been a consistent model of excellence in the world of esports and gaming ever since its inception in 2010. With industry leading leadership, ambition, and help from its superstar roster of gamers, FaZe has reached the pinnacle of gaming and entertainment to the point that they’ve become synonymous with the industry itself.

That much, we know with absolute certainty, will not change.

New faces breed new opportunities and engagement, and their newest signee brings a fresh vibe that’s unique even for FaZe Clan.

Her name is Kalei Renay, and here are six reasons why she’s an excellent addition to FaZe.  

1.  She’s very popular (And for those who don’t know…)

So first, let me briefly explain just a bit about Kalei before I move forward. She’s, shall we say, a “distinctive” personality. She’s in part known for her uncanny, unparalleled, and otherwise unorthodox statements and approach. This is acknowledged by the woman herself as a proud declaration of her unique spirit:

‘yes i know i’m cringe, that’s the whole point’ – Kalei in her Twitter bio

Off-putting to some, maybe, controversial at times, perhaps, but you simply cannot deny her mass appeal and fan connections. Before she joined FaZe, she amassed a loyal following of over 340k Twitch followers, 178k on Twitter, as well as thousands more across YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram—numbers that are significantly higher now that she’s a part of the world’s biggest gaming organization.

Courtesy of Medz

2.  She’s a ‘cracked’ gamer

While FaZe is nothing short of an entertainment conglomerate these days, its very existence will always be tied to the world of gaming. Naturally, they house some of the industry’s finest gamers and personalities and continue to add to arguably the deepest roster of talent in the industry.

Enter Kalei Renay, a cracked gamer in her own right. Her polarizing combination of personality and gaming prowess are two factors that helped establish her to the community and lead to her eventual signing with FaZe. Shenanigans and crudeness aside, Kalei can pop off at a high level.

3.  She’s a dynamic female presence

The passionate gaming community has long since clamored for the days of more females in the spotlight. While there’s always room for improvement, the industry is steadily trending upwards in terms of women in gaming. Look no further than 100 Thieves, which has accumulated the most notable collection of lady gamers in the biz, including one of the biggest streamers and newly minted co-owners, Valkyrae.

Kalei is not only a female in gaming, she’s got some, shall we say, ‘very unique’ quirks. There’s none other quite like her out there. One of her strongest convictions is her refusal to submit to the notion of the idealistic female gamer. As a result, she’s an extremely individualistic personality who’s carved a path for herself as a true one-of-one.

She is also now literally a one-of-one as the only female in FaZe Clan.

4.  She’s a grinder

Say what you will about Kalei, but one thing that cannot be questioned is her passion for streaming. You can catch her and all of her glory and cringy tendencies daily on Twitch, and she’s been on that consistent grind for over six years.  #NoDaysOff

5.  She’s a perfect fit for FaZe

Devoted Kalei fans, also known affectionately by the streamer as “The Virgin Squad,” know that she formerly showed interest in joining 100 Thieves. This push to join the org was met with heavy fan support, and even acknowledged by Nadeshot himself. However, if we’re keeping it all the way 100, Kalei is a MUCH better fit with FaZe.

100T do what they do better than most esports organizations, but one thing FaZe offers that no other entity can rival is edginess. Names like FaZe Banks, Adapt, Babybay, and Faxuty, among others in the squad, bring a certain degree of swag, attitude, and brazenness that has in part helped make FaZe the juggernaut it is today. Kalei offers all of the above with the added risqué content and personality which has made her a coveted signing.

6. She’s emphatically and unapologetically ‘Kalei’

Everyone is special and unique in their own way, but not everyone realizes it. Some people go above and beyond expectations by using their uniqueness to create and experience the life they want. Individuals who have accomplished this stand out from the crowd and embrace what makes them uniquely themselves.

Kalei, simply put, is known for standing out—her crudeness, cringeness, and audaciousness make her an intriguing personality. Kalei is a living manifestation of the saying “fortune favors the bold.” She’s so bold that many would consider her controversial and a “brand risk” even, and it’s not hard to see why (respectfully).

Lol, you get the point.

She’s been true to herself since day one, when she first started streaming in the summer of 2015, especially as a woman in a community that has a history for portraying female gamers in a certain light (sexualized, ‘not legit gamers’, etc.)

 Love her or hate her, if nothing else, one cannot deny her individuality. I see—FaZe sees—a free spirit, one who’s unapologetic in her quirks and convictions. I see an individual who refuses to capitulate to the “norm” if it means hindering her true self, especially as a woman in gaming.

Above all else, I see a trailblazer in the making—one who follows her own lead and no one else’s. She’s broken the mold, overcome barriers, and reached the pinnacle of gaming alongside FaZe, all while being true to herself—with no apologies, no regrets, and zero f**** given.

FaZe Up, Kalei.

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