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5 funniest video game glitches

Glitches are a part of video games, it is just a fact of life. While some are really annoying and game-breaking, some over the years have just been all-around hilarious. I have been playing video games for around 15 years now, so I have seen some funny glitches in my time. Here are my top 5.

Courtesy of EA

At number 5 we have the tiny player from Madden NFL 15. This glitch started off as an accident where a player named Christian Kirksey was a tiny little player who could do all the normal things any other player in the game could do. In his tiny form, he could tackle, throw and run like a normal player. It was too funny. This glitch became so popular that Madden actually embraced it and made it a regular part of the game for all players to try out.

Courtesy of Madden, Madden NFL15

At number 4 we have a glitch from Sims 4 where, when you held a baby, his or her eyes would pop out of his skull like in the cartoons. It was honestly more creepy than funny and I have to admit, when I first saw this glitch, I was a little shook. Sometimes the glitch would even make the baby’s fingers super long and thin. Maybe I am just a little sick in the head, but after a while, I found this glitch to be hilarious.

Courtesy of EA

At number 3 we have the tall goalie from FIFA 20. This glitch had a ginormous goalie sometimes spawn when you were challenging other people online. His large body would easily be able to block any shot, making for some hilarious raging.

Courtesy of EA Sports

At number 2 is another super creepy but hilarious glitch. Back in Assassin’s Creed: Unity there was a glitch where a character’s face would be entirely missing. This made for some shocking pictures, like the one below.

Courtesy of Ubisoft

By far the funniest glitch of all time in my opinion has to be the worm people glitch from Battlefield 3. This glitch happened when people tried to use the crawl feature in the game and, instead of crawling, they would do this weird worm movement. When in this form, you would fire your weapon with your feet instead of their hands. Take a look at this glitch below.

Those are my top 5, but what are yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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