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5 Best Gaming Snacks Of All Time

5 Best Gaming Snacks Of All Time

It is common knowledge that gamers are passionate about adventure and hour-long quests, but what happens when a video game is so exciting that they forget to take a meal break? Gamers surely have opinions when it comes to snacks, after all, they need a variety of tasty appetizers to help them keep up with their high-intensity games. But what are the best gaming snacks?

As per NewZoo, 80% of gamers regularly eat or drink while playing video games, but their preferences differ. For most players, convenience is key and they’re looking for something that is easy to eat over their keyboard, won’t feel too greasy, and definitely won’t leave them with sticky fingers. So what do gamers eat when they’re destroying their enemies or learning to navigate the streets of their game’s universe?

Gamers in North America and Western Europe share similar preferences when it comes to consuming snacks and foods while gaming. Salty snacks such as chips and crackers are a must-have gaming food! Chips, crackers, and soft drink beverages are highly popular in both markets, with the latter being prevalent in Europe and the former taking the top spot in North America. For instance: tea, coffee, and water are more regularly consumed in countries like Japan and Taiwan (with 39% and 51% players) and are considered to be the best gaming beverages there. Meanwhile, in China, salty snacks are enjoyed by 58% of players with sweet snacks coming in second at 42%. 

In 2018, gaming publication PC Gamer sparked quite a heated debate when they asked their readers what the absolute best gaming snack is. From seedless grapes to chili peanuts and even jelly beans and gummy candies, gamers have all sorts of preferences! Convenience, flavor, and price value are some factors they may look into while purchasing snacks, but gamers and gaming influencers alike need their mini-meal breaks to enhance their energy and help them stay focused.

5 Must Have Snacks For Gamers

Here are 5 snacks that gamers and gaming influencers absolutely love because they’re quick to eat, not as messy, and convenient to hold and consume without gamers having to worry about them falling apart.

1: French Fries

Imagine this: you’re in the middle of wreaking havoc on your enemy’s territory but you’re also starving and could do with a boost of energy. You glance at the french fries laid before you and toss one into your mouth, realizing that you could’ve just done that without batting an eye. French Fries may not be the healthiest snacking alternative out there, but they are tasty, easy to hold, and you can eat and eat without having to look at it – which is pretty much the point.

Gamers can grab a single french fry or even a handful during gaming, and regardless of whether they’re paired with a sauce, they’re always fun to eat. We would, however, recommend grabbing tissues because your expensive console doesn’t need oily smudges all over them. They’re definitely one of the best gaming snacks you could ever have!

2: Mountain Dew

Gaming Snacks


Soft drinks such as Red Bull and alcoholic drinks like beer are enjoyed by gamers of age, but Mountain Dew is for everyone. The blast of caffeine and sugar that comes with Mountain Dew can go a long way, and gamers would agree. Not only does the drink aggressively target gamers in their marketing strategies, but the brand created a beverage solely for them.

In 2019, Mountain Dew launched their drink Game Fuel, and it was labeled as a beverage developed for gamers with ingredients that had proved to “improve accuracy and alertness”. It was an immediate hit, which led the brand to team up with gaming influencers like Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect and CouRage to popularize and market the drink. 

3: Doritos

For a long time, Doritos has enjoyed its position in the snacks market as the crunchiest chip of all time. Their flavors (just thinking of Cool Ranch can make one drool) are superior and unlike other chips, were engineered to make eaters feel like they haven’t had enough. Their powerful umami flavor creates a lingering aroma that simulates memories, making it impossible to get over them. And it helps that it is quick and effortless to snack on. The brand is also gamer friendly, just last year, Doritos released a Call of Duty flavor featuring video game packaging to attract gamers!

4: Pizza Rolls

Imagine a pizza, but bite-sized, baked golden, less greasy, and filled with an array of flavors. Wouldn’t these make for an excellent companion during every game? Totino’s Pizza rolls Mini! are a next-level gaming snack and make the bite-sized snacking experience more fun than ever. All you have to do really is heat the bag and tear through it, one mini pizza roll at a time. You can enjoy the pizza-eating experience without having to rub the grease off your fingers after. Totino’s pizza rolls have gamer-friendly packaging, and include a ton of mini tips on the back of the pack which can help gamers gain mega skills!

5: Mixed Nuts And Dried Fruit

Although this might seem like a really basic snack that you could find anywhere, nuts and dry fruit are high-protein snacks without the added caffeine and grease. Gamers love combining two or more nuts and fruits like almonds and salted peanuts to snack on, but cashews and almonds are just as tasty when put together! Apricots, walnuts, and cranberries also make an excellent combination, it all depends on your palate!

Last but not the least, don’t forget to stay hydrated during these long hours of gaming binges. Salty and sweet snacks both have a knack for making one thirsty after consumption, and water can be effective in changing that. Sipping on caffeinated drinks might seem like fun but drinking water is much healthier, and will always be good for you!

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