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23savage Joins T1, Replaces JaCkky

Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon has joined T1’s Dota 2 roster. He will be playing for the team in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021’s first Major.

T1 23savage 1
Image courtesy of T1

Just yesterday, T1 had let go of Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong in spite of the team earning a third-place finish in the DPC 2021 SEA league’s Upper Division with the player. As predicted by many in the community, JaCkky’s departure paved the way for 23savage’s addition to the T1 Dota roster.

“We are pleased to welcome ’23savage’ to our @DOTA2 roster. Please look forward to our team heading toward @ONEEsports Singapore Major 2021,” the team announced on Twitter.

T1 currently holds 200 points with their third-place finish in the SEA Upper Division. The roster changes would strike off a bunch of DPC points as a penalty for removing JaCkky. According to the official FAQs on the DPC 2021 registration page, “the manager of a team can remove any player from their team, and any player can remove themselves from a team. Doing so will incur a penalty to the team of 15% of all DPC points earned up to that point in the season, including the points to be earned in the league currently being played.”

JaCkky’s departure had sparked anger at T1 for removing a player they qualified to the Mahor with, culling his chances of playing at the Major and, very likely, The International. Even with Valve trying to make sure such injustices don’t happen to players, T1’s decision is unquestionably legal as the rules stand.

Vici Gaming signed 23savage in September 2020 to play for the DPC 2021. With COVID-19’s travel restrictions in place, he could not compete under the team’s banner, while the community talked of the language barrier that the Thai player might have in a Chinese team. In January 2021, he was released from the team for the above-mentioned reasons.

Despite this, 23savage stood in for BOOM for its DPC 2021 matches as a replacement for Andrew “Drew” Halim. The youngster is one of the most talented players playing in the DPC this season. With the Singapore Major about to start on March 27, a lot is riding on 23savage’s shoulder.

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