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19-Year-Old CS:GO Star Jamppi Makes His Way to VALORANT

When it first came out, it was discussed by the majority of the community whether VALORANT is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive killer or not. Even though it’s hard to reach a conclusion about it, VALORANT has been making its rival lose blood from the beginning. After the release of Riot Games’ FPS title, many old CS:GO players moved to it, especially in North America, and there isn’t a sign which shows the movement is going to stop soon. Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen, the one of future stars in CS:GO, has announced his switching to VALORANT.

Jamppi Valorant 1
Photo courtesy of ENCE

The statement came a week after ENCE’s reveal of the benching Jamppi from the main roster. The Finn player posted a video on his Twitter channel and made things clear about his future. “I don’t think this is a surprise for anyone, there have already been rumors about it. I will be switching to VALORANT,” he said. “Obviously, it’s like a fresh start for me like mentally. Hopefully I will be one of the best players in the game.”

Jamppi started his career in 2017 and was spotted by big teams in the scene quickly. However, 2019 was the turning point of his career. In 2019, one of the young star’s accounts was VAC-banned by Valve, causing him to be banned from majors and prevented the player from signing with OG. Even though Jamppi claimed that the banned account was sold, the decision didn’t change, which led the Fin star to sue Valve afterward.

According to the statement, Elias will be streaming while looking for an organization to join in VALORANT. Since he is only 19 years old and already proved himself in CS:GO, the searching period likely won’t last long for him.

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