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100 Thieves welcomes 2Hype to content team

100 Thieves has been all over headlines the last two years with big moves in esports and content creation. Tuesday afternoon, it made another big announcement by signing 2Hype to their content team.

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Photo Courtesy of 100 Thieves

2Hype is comprised of six guys who post gaming, sports and challenges content. The six (CashNasty, Kris London, Jesser, ZachTTG, Jiedel and Moochie) have over 18 million subscribers combined on YouTube, and previously appeared in a 100 Thieves video three weeks ago. Now, over the last two days, 2Hype and 100 Thieves their announcement video, with 2Hype and 100 Thieves releasing parts one and two respectively. 

The 2Hype YouTube channel has 1.42 million subscribers, recently featuring Among Us and NBA 2k21 videos. With resources 100 Thieves is able to provide, the group should be able to further improve the quality and interest of their content.

“We’re 2Hype and honestly I’m too hype to get this started,” London said on the 100 Thieves Twitter. “We work so hard, this is a dream come true for us. We, as a group, have been through so much together. We’re genuinely best friends, making content… Being a part of the 100 Thieves family means so much to us, and we’re going to show that through our work.”

As an organization, 100T has made huge strides to sign more content creators. Outside of esports teams and its main group of Nadeshot, CourageJD, Valkyrae, BrookeAB, Yassuo, Neeko and NoahJ456, it had added groups like TheMob and now, 2Hype.

On a similar note, as seen in this announcement video, 100 Thieves has pushed the envelope on video production and creativity. That has been a similar theme throughout the life of the organization, but over the last couple of months the video team has gone all in on storytelling. 

100 Thieves has added creators in a number of areas, and 2Hype follows that wave, bringing in more viewers from different areas of the internet.

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