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100 Thieves Outplays Immortals in First Round of Valorant Masters

Off the back of pop-off moments and strong macro outplays, 100 Thieves was able to best Immortals in the first round of the North American Valorant Masters tournament. 

100T over Immortals 1 1
Courtesy of Valorant Champions Tour NA

100 Thieves was able to win while looking incredibly strong on a mechanical level, but it was the macro play and intelligence of 100 Thieves that was so important in securing this victory.

Individual Talent

It was a great mechanical showing from both 100 Thieves and Immortals, with members from both squads finding their own pop-off moments. 

100 Thieves star player Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella shined above the rest, looking as on-form as ever. The 25-year-old continued looking strong following his transition to Sage and Breach from his signature Omen, finding success in critical moments. 

In-game leader Joshua “steel” Nissan found crucial kills of his own, starting to really turn it up on the latter half of Ascent. 

For Immortals, Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison had a standout performance on the Killjoy, securing critical kills and playing a large role in Immortals’ comeback on Ascent. Rhett “Kehmicals” Lynch on his Raze was dangerous as ever and was an integral cog in Immortals’ game plan. Both Noah “jcStani” Smith and Andrew “ShoT_UP” Orlowski have the ability to explode at any given moment, making for an incredibly strong Immortals lineup. 

Despite looking strong mechanically, Immortals macro play just wasn’t on a high enough level to beat the bring brains of steel and 100 Thieves. 

Superior Macro 

100T over Immortals 2 1
Courtesy of 100 Thieves

While both teams looked strong mechanically, it was 100 Thieves tipping the scales with superior macro performances on both maps this series. 

On Ascent, 100 Thieves gave up large amounts of map control to Immortals on attacking side, but Immortals wasn’t really doing anything with the map control given. 100 Thieves consistently stacked toward A-site, pretty much telegraphing its strategy. But Immortals didn’t make anything of value with the map control they were gifted, and 100 Thieves just played a slow methodical entry, brute forcing its way into the site to win rounds. 

100 Thieves once again looked superior on a macro level on Haven. The team was once again playing its slow, methodical style, only to pull the trigger and cause chaos on a site, attacking from everywhere and flanking all around. 

Immortals just didn’t have an answer to this chaotic-yet-controlled style of play coming from 100 Thieves. Led by steel, 100 Thieves continued looking like one of the most intelligent teams in North America. With the win, the team booked a ticket to face Tyson ‘TenZ” Ngo and Sentinels, while Immortals dropped to the lower bracket to play in an elimination match against Luminosity. 

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