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10 Video Game Soundtracks You Must Listen To: Volume III

Last week, esports team FlyQuest posed one simple question to their fans on Twitter: “What is your favorite OST from a game?”

My curiosity was instantly piqued—any conversation involving VG music is my type of conversation.

FlyQuest then decided to create a playlist of some of the responses which Showcases the Greatness of video game music. This time around, I’ve compiled a stellar list of tunes based entirely around that larger playlist, essentializing what was created by the fans, for the fans. Thus, I once again fell into that extraordinarily familiar rabbit hole that is a gaming music-listening session:  

A festival of elation & emotion.

A carnival of melodies.

A celebration of video game music.

Here are 10 more video game soundtracks you must listen to.  

Game Soundtracks
10 Video Game Soundtracks You Must Listen To: Volume III 4

Fight Club (Assassin’s Creed III, 2012)

The mythical lore of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is forever solidified in the history of video games. This EPIC theme is entrenched with the energy of a battle-tested theme befitting a centuries-old struggle for peace. Its awesome build combined with its Celtic overtones make for the perfect battle theme to knock out some teeth to… but also, it’s just a great listen.

Note: A legend in the comments section said, “I played this in a bar. It’s now a UFC ring.” lol.

Sneaky Driver (Katana ZERO, 2019)

Sheeeeeeeshh! This is easily one of the dopest beats you’ll ever hear throughout the entire  video game landscape. This gem is emblematic of the Synthwave genre of music, which is known for its invigorating blend of electronic music and 1980s culture. “Sneaky Driver” from 2019’s Katana ZERO is an absolute euphoria of good vibes and stylish melodies—a masterclass display of music itself. Enough said.

Stickerbush Symphony (Donkey Kong Country 2, 1995)

The opening harmonies of this OST are  cloud gazing, reminiscing music. “Stickerbush Symphony” is one of the most beloved stage music pieces of any video game and is synonymous with the mythology of the Super Nintendo. It’s a theme with majestic vibes and an aesthetic sound straight from one of the video game O.G.’s, Donkey Kong.

Into Free ~Dangan~ (Dragon’s Dogma, 2012)

Typically with these articles I prefer to leave out tracks with lyrics in them, but this time around, I had to make an exception.

This song starts off slow and sentimental before transitioning into an upbeat rock banger. It’s an interesting choice of music for a fantasy RPG such as Dragon’s Dogma, especially as the game’s opening theme. Nonetheless, this track’s ingenuity makes it even more deserving of a listen. It’s actually kind of inspirational…

One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII, 1997)

This joint is just about as long as Sephiroth’s sword, but it’s a fitting theme for the One Winged Angel himself. The track opens with an eerie ballad of impending doom and keeps that same energy throughout, with intense Latin vocals and complex instrumentation further adding to the chaos.

It’s one of the most iconic character themes for one of the most iconic characters in one of the most iconic series in gaming history.

Emil ~ Sacrifice (Nier, 2010)

My apologies in advance if this gets you teary-eyed.

While somber in nature, this OST from 2010’s action role playing title Nier is certainly worth the listen for its sheer ability to evoke emotion. It’s a tragically beautiful masterpiece.If you’d like to feel the emotion in this piece even more—I mean, truly feel it—then just read the YouTube comments.

Dion Theme (Lineage II, 2003)

This soundtrack from Lineage’s second installment is an extremely invigorating one. I can’t help but think of a polarizing enigma wandering off into the sunset during the closing scenes of a Western film with this theme serenading in the background—chances are you’ll never see this figure again, but their essence will forever live on as a lingering memory in the depths of your brain. The wonders of music I tell ya…

And that flute goin’ crazy in the background is amazing.

Nightsong (World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, 2010)

World of Warcraft is a massive multiplayer online role-playing series which has taken the world by storm since its inception over two decades ago (initially as Warcraft). Its namesake suggests a soundtrack full of intense and vigorous themes, and this one lives up to that notion.

‘Nightsong’ would fit nicely in a featured film. It has an epic prelude-to-war-type feel that perfectly supports the lore and plot of WoW.

Never More (Credits) (Persona 4 Golden, 2012)

You may not understand the lyrics, but that simply doesn’t matter when the vibes are as immaculate as they are in this track— and that’s a fact.

Great music is great music. I can’t make out a single word and can’t even tell you what the song is about, but I felt it. I felt the warm sensation of everything that makes music sensational in my heart and soul. That feeling transcends any language barriers. I felt the magic transmitting through my headphones as the chorus came in to back up the leading vocalist.

A story was told here that I didn’t understand… but I understood.

Athletic Theme (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, 1995)

The legendary Super Mario franchise has provided some of the most iconic themes in all of gaming for over 35 years.This theme from Super Mario World 2 is right up there with the best of them.

Hella good vibes galore, this soundtrack is literally a dose of positivity for the spirit— one might say it’s simply ’Just Happy’ music. #ShowcaseHappiness

Irrelevant side note: the use of the word “Athletic” here is funny to me for some reason.

Game Soundtracks
Yoshi is sick with the handle! Courtesy of Nintendo

To Conclude…

The quest to discover more awesome video game OSTs is a never-ending one. In that respect, the journey of listening to gaming’s amazing soundtracks truly is the destination itself.

Shoutout to FlyQuest for uniting and engaging the community through its love of video game music.  

Thank you {again} FlyQuest!

Game Soundtracks
10 Video Game Soundtracks You Must Listen To: Volume III 5

You can check out their full fan-inspired playlist here.

For more video game soundtracks you must listen to, check out Volume I and Volume II.

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