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10 Teams Punch Their Ticket Through EU and NAE FNCS Qualifiers

10 Teams Punch Their Ticket Through EU and NAE FNCS Qualifiers 8


In the first week of EU’s FNCS Qualifiers, 10 teams earned a spot into the EU FNCS semifinals. GUILD Hеп, WAVE JannisZ and oogway 74 (Chapix) led the lobby with 186 total points including two victory royales and 44 eliminations. 

As you’d expect from an FNCS Qualifier, each match came down to the very end, with some really good teams unable to make it into the top 10, including a fan-favorite trio of IDrop7, GUILD TаySon, and 100T MrSavage. Here is the match-by-match breakdown with clips of the crazy end games. 

Match 1

The EU FNCS Qualifier started off with a banger of a win from Hеп, JannisZ and Chapix, who had 13 eliminations en route to a first-place finish, earning 56 points for the leaderboard. The late game came down to a beautiful high ground performance from the team, which beat out RedRush 123, RVG HST DEMONDIO and xsterioz, who finished in second.

Match 2

The big point winners from Match 2 were kyzen wk, Grizi Laizen1 and マWYZIP, who actually finished in second place with 10 eliminations to collect 45 points. Lootboy queasy, packо and Centric Rakso secured the victory royale and notched 42 points for the leaderboard. 

Laizen came up huge for his squad in the latter part of Match 2. Kyzen and WYZIP were eliminated with 13 players remaining after the team lost high ground, but Laizen was able to stay alive to collect a couple more elimination points and placed second.

Match 3

For the second match in a row, Kyzen, Laizen and WYZIP finished in second place but collected the most total points with 12 eliminations. The victory royale went to Glorious Snаp, MIRO and Flames Swag, who found just six eliminations. 

Match 3 saw a chaotic late-game finish, with a number of teams still remaining as the circle closed completely, but when the smoke died down, the last two alive, WYZIP and MIRO, went to a heal-off, which went in the favor of MIRO.

After three games, Kyzen, Laizen and WYZIP, and Hen, JannisZ and Chapix had a commanding lead in first and second place, respectively. However, every single team was still in the hunt for a top-10 finish to move on to the next stage.

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Image Courtesy of

Match 4

Continuing to tear through the lobby, Hen, JannisZ and Chapix dominated Match 4 with a 12-elimination performance, taking their second victory royale on the round. The leaders, Kyzen, Laizen and WYZIP, finished in 16th with just one elimination, so the two top dogs swapped first and second place.

After Match 4, apeks IDrop7, GUILD TаySon and 100T MrSavage were on the outside looking in, sitting in 21st place, but only 24 points behind 10th place with a horrendous average placing on 25th. 

Match 5

For the second time in three games, Glorious Snаp, MIRO and Flames Swag were the last players standing to collect first-place placement points, and it ended in the exact same way: a MIRO heal-off victory. MIRO found himself with a boatload of fish at the end of the game, which helped him beat out Grizi Snayzy and Downs, whose teams finished second and third, respectively. 

After Match 5, here were the teams still trying to hold or get into the top 10, as seventh to 17th place were separated by only 48 points.

xvtJjcYpO 22AmI12K9Jam3gkUOY SXbajgcZeHGJiJZ785DkP9RtK5isDUDNab 1CccbJrNlpmAOw1rbVRUOWPwqvlDqzjmz4y21dMv4FGlpFK8ic6Miy6YTKa48wWjuEYO190R
Image Courtesy of

Match 6

In the final EU game, lobby leaders Hen, JannisZ and Chapix were eliminated in ninth place with two eliminations, potentially leaving the door open for someone to take the day’s top spot, but none of the top teams had huge games and the trio held on.

The last two teams in Match 6 had huge performances, as Wave Vadeal, Noahreyli and rezon ay лол took first place with 11 eliminations and AXL Laxus, Grizi BadSnipR and trippernn took second place with 15 eliminations.

As seen in the final top 10 below, the 52-point performance from Vadeal, Noahreyli and rezon catapulted them into a qualifying spot.

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Image Courtesy of

There will be three more qualifiers for the EU region to fill out the full semifinals field, so keep an eye out on Syft’s competitive tab for all FNCS results.


Moving to the North American East Qualifiers, NRG СІіх, SEN BUGHA and FаZe Bizzle dominated the entire lobby with 208 points, three victory royales and 41 eliminations. The next-highest count in those categories were 137 points, one victory royale and 31 eliminations. 

Here is the match-by-match breakdown with clips of the crazy end games. 

Match 1

Just as the EU Qualifier did, the NAE Qualifier began with a huge performance: a 12-elimination victory royale from NRG СІіх, SEN BUGHA and FаZe Bizzle. The trio took high ground and executed it perfectly to beat out Chronic Jayz, adv play and pdplague.

Another 12-elimination game came from Zûky, fаtch and chukky ackerman, who finished in fifth place but collected the third-most points in the lobby. 

Match 2

Clix, Bugha and Bizzle finished in third in the second time around, finding just five eliminations. AKA Avivv, Trаshу and DT Rise had the most points with an 11-elimination, second-place finish, while BBG Bucke, BBG Khanasty and MackWood1x were the last contestants standing.

Those three teams slotted into the top three spots in the overall leaderboard after the first two matches. 

Match 3

For the second time in only three tries, Clix, Bugha and Bizzle showed their domination again, taking height and giving Bugha all the heals in preparation for a heal-off, a plan that worked to perfection. Bugha traveled deep into the storm and the trio of XTRA Furiouѕ, BBG.YUNGCALC and ELITE SEBBY 74 had no shot of finding him before the storm ended the game. 

The winning trio had 46 points with eight eliminations, while the runner up paced the lobby with 10 eliminations. With the win, Clix, Bugha and Bizzle guaranteed qualification, putting themselves in a sure-fire position to lead the lobby in points, almost doubling the second-place score.

LmA lT5l5knyAU m3Jy9jwO A395ZI5USEp9G iQmWhotZG3MkN0DohQbPpxdYlRCbXqtFEdH 7 mw yGr73dBj60yA10UIzHrR OdFLk73x gMQ5XgVa0Im01y6KfYnK54JIkYz
Image Courtesy of

Match 4

Heading into the second half of the night, Clix, Bugha and Bizzle stumbled to their standard in Match 4, finishing in sixth with five eliminations. SEN VALENSPECT, LG Xoonies and npen took first place in a massive 54-point, 12-elimination outing that boosted the trio into sixth overall with only two matches remaining. 

Zuky, fatch and chukky ackerman continued their consistent play, finishing only once outside the top seven over the course of the first four matches. Finishing fifth place in Match 4 put them in third place overall, and only one point behind the second place trio, SEN ZYFA, лцт and tuexy

Match 5

Outside of first-place team Clix, Bugha and Bizzle, the rest of the lobby had been very close and competitive all night. Match 5 proved this, as the leaders finished in 14th and the rest of the standings moved quite a bit. 

Before an intense heal-off, Furious, YUNGCALC and SEBBY found themselves on low ground, with the duo of XTRA Meroxo and ENDLESS Reverse on high. It looked like Meroxo had more than enough heals to win it, but to everyone’s surprise, it was Furious that had the meds, winning Match 5. 

The win brought Meroxo, Reverse and ЕNDLESS DEYY within 23 points of the No. 1 spot held by Clix, Bugha and Bizzle. With only one game left play, here were the standings page surrounding the top-10 mark everyone was shooting for. 

Image Courtesy of

Match 6

In the final drop, and to nobody’s surprise, Clix, Bugha and Bizzle took their third victory royale in six total games on top of 10 eliminations. Second place went to AKA Avivv, Trаshу and DT Rise, who also had 10 eliminations.

AdrianQT, Arkive8 and Сlamps needed a huge placing, and they got one with five eliminations and a third-place finish, but it wasn’t enough, placing them just outside the top 10, in 11th place. The biggest jump came from DEYY, Meroxo and Reverse, who went from 16th to fifth after Matches 5 and 6. 

Check out the final list of the top 10 teams in the first week of NAE FNCS Qualifiers.

jEquF rKdTdbwk8f0zHRLc7CwtSv 1jSk1qf0bhVLoL sB3ip854CW4eA 6VYsKayVkyiYnqVSSf4wgSY3vt6TfLsKACsVZrV0tOY8HgjfNOkhbt DlXz0OXLaeipIO96yrDIZ8
Image Courtesy of

The No. 1 takeaway was the domination of Clix, Bugha and Bizzle, especially when they were able to get late-game high ground. A 50% win rate is absurd and to do it with limited practice as a team is even more special. 

Like the EU Qualifier, there will be multiple weeks to find out which teams will make it to the semifinals. Keep an eye out on Syft’s competitive tab for future FNCS results.

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